Jeff Buhler Talks Pet Sematary Reboot!

I’ve had a really good feeling about the Pet Sematary reboot since I learned that the movie will be directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) written with Jeff Buhler (Midnight Meat Train).  Buhler spoke with about the upcoming reboot, see what he had to say below: 

“The characters in this script make some tragic decisions, and the horror is about the ramifications of those decisions. There are still the supernatural aspects of the book, with the pet cemetery and the burial ground from which things come back from the dead, but the real horror is, ‘What do these things do to the family? What does it do to a person to see their child killed, but then to know that they can bring them back? How do you tussle with that idea? And if and when you make that choice, what does that do to you? Will that child be the same? How can life ever return to normal?’”

“This is pretty far from the 1980’s film, which I adore for certain things that are very intrinsic to that time period in terms of the genre, like a truck driver smoking a joint to a Ramones song. But when a little kid comes back with a scalpel and is like, ‘I want to play with you,’ it kind of becomes Chucky. With this one, we really wanted to get into the emotional aspects of it. There’s still plenty of visceral horror that’s explored, but I’ve always felt that if you lean more into the characters and into their emotional lives, when the visceral shit hits the fan, it’s ten times more scary.”

I love that he touched upon the characters in the script making some tragic decisions.  The decisions that are made in the original movie have such tragic consequences, which is what made it so interesting and terrifying to me.  If those terrible decisions were never made at all, the story would be very short–Little boy gets killed, family grieves, family moves on.  Sounds boring right?  

The only piece of that interview that I do not necessarily agree with is when he says “…it (the original) kind of becomes Chucky.”  They are the same size, yes, but completely different.  Even today I am still terrified by little zombie Gage.  Seeing him

go from that cute little blonde innocent boy (as seen above!) to this little creepy evil zombie child is unsettling. The whole movie is unsettling, which is why I guess I like it so  much!  It evokes emotion, and to me that means it is a successful horror movie.  

I’m excited to learn more about the Pet Sematary development!  What about you?

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