Who is the most dangerous horror movie villain? The answer may surprise you!

In the world of horror we are given free reign to face our fears.  Whether its sharks, ghosts, dolls,  humans or aliens, you name it and and its out there haunting some unlucky victim.  But, who and what are the most dangerous?  Lets look at the stats below:

Statistically speaking, these are the most dangerous horror movie villains:

10. Ghostface
Body Count: 25
Movies: 4 

most dangerous horror movie villain

We were first introduced to Ghostface in Wes Craven’s 1996 masterpiece Scream, and we have been watching him slash his way through Sidney Prescott’s life ever since.  Ghostface is a mere human (or, humans) under that cloak, but he has proven that he can rack up a body count.  Ghostface has tortured teens through four movies and sliced through 25 people in the process.

9. Chucky
Body Count: 30
Movies: 6  

most dangerous horror movie villain

“Hi, I’m Chucky! Wanna play?”

He may be two foot tall and made of plastic, but don’t let that fool you.  Chucky is a voodoo master trapped in a doll and he will stop at nothing to get back into a human body.  Chucky has terrorize children in six movies while racking up a body count of 30.  Not too bad for a “Good Guy” doll!

8. Leatherface
Body Count: 31
Movies: 7

most dangerous horror movie villain


Leatherface is a man of few words, but he sure has made a killing ground of the Texas backwoods.  Can we really blame him though?  Just take a look at the family that raised him, not exactly great role models!  Leatherface has chainsawed his way through 7 movies and left a pile of 31 bodies in his path.

7. Pinhead
Body count: 35
Movies: 11

most dangerous horror movie villain

“Your flesh is killing your spirit”

You can tell how dangerous Pinhead is just by looking at him.  He’s demonic, powerful and not to be messed with.  Honestly, he is a bit too scary for me and I have never been able to fully watch his movies.  Pinhead has stolen souls in 11 movies while leaving 35 empty corpses behind.  Whatever you do, don’t open that box!

6. Jigsaw
Body count: 40
Movies: 6

most dangerous horror movie villain

“Want to play a game?”

Technically Jigsaw has never killed anyone.  But lets be honest, all of those people would still be alive (and in one piece) if it wasn’t for his twisted games of torture and punishment.  He is one person that I would NEVER want to teach me a lesson.  Jigsaw has set traps through 6 movies and 40 people have failed his tests.

5. Freddy Krueger
Body Count: 42
Movies: 8

most dangerous horror movie villain

“I’m your boyfriend now, Nancy.”

Freddy Krueger may be witty, but he will give you one nasty nightmare!  Freddy has haunted our dreams since the 80’s, and I don’t see him giving up any time soon.  Mr. Krueger has given our teens their final nightmare in 8 movies and sunk his claws into 42 people.

4. Leprechaun
Body count: 45
Movies: 7

most dangerous horror movie villain

“I want my gold shilling. Tell me where it is or there will be another killing.

Leprechaun is another one that proves size truly doesn’t matter…and that us Irish have a bit of a temper!  All he wants is his gold back, but that didn’t stop him from killing 45 people through the course of 7 movies!   Why didn’t he just look at the end of the rainbow?

3. Michael Myers
Body count: 111
Movies: 10

most dangerous horror movie villain

*Insert Breathing Here 

Michael Myers has a thing for killing off his family members, and if you get in the way he will kill you too.  Oh, and he’s basically pure evil.  Michael Myers has sliced and diced his way through ten movies leaving behind pieces of 111 people.  Phew, our first villain to break triple digits, good job Mike!

2. Jason Voorhees
Body count: 170
Movies: 12

most dangerous horror movie villain

“Mommy! Don’t let me drown! Mommy!”

Some stupid kids let Jason drown in a lake, so his mother went homicidal and now he came back from the dead.  Oh, and he is wielding a mean machete and chopping up campers every chance he can get!  Jason has swung his machete through 12 movies and has chopped up over 170 campers!  Bad boy Jason, bad!

1. Carrie White
Body count: 440
Movies: 2

most dangerous horror movie villain

“You really think I’m going to burn in hell, Momma, just for going to my prom?

Poor Carrie.  All she wanted to was to please her mom, date a boy and go to the prom!  Is that too much to ask?  Apparently it was.  Her mom and the students of her high school forced Carrie to kill them all.  Carrie went mad and used her telekinesis to punish those who ruined her special night killing 440 people IN ONE EVENING (including her mother).  Lesson Learned: Don’t piss off Carrie White.

Is there a more dangerous horror movie villain than Carrie? 

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