5 Reasons Why Crimson Peak Will Be the Best Horror Movie of the Year

There are some potentially awesome horror movies that we can look forward to this year, however there is one that is destined to outshine them all: Crimson Peak. Written and Directed by Guillermo del Toro, Crimson Peak is about “an aspiring author (who) is torn between love for her childhood friend and the temptation of a mysterious outsider. Trying to escape the ghosts of her past, she is swept away to a house that breathes, bleeds…and remembers.”

Now if that wasn’t enough for you, here are 5 reasons why Crimson Peak will be the best horror movie of the year.

Crimson Peak Cast

1. It’s not just a pure horror movie. As dark and terrifying as this movie looks it also has fantasy, mystery, romance and drama. So, if pure horror movies aren’t really your thing its safe to say that you can put Crimson Peak on your list and you will be glad that you did.

Crimson Peak Cast

2. The cast is phenomenal. The movie stars Jessica Chastain (The Martian, Interstellar, Zero Dark Thirty), Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy, Pacific Rim, Children of Men), Tom Hiddleston (Thor, The Avengers) and Mia Wasikowska (Amelia, Alice in Wonderland). Who doesn’t want to see those four fight over each other in a haunted house?

Crimson Peak Mia

3. We are in store for a visual treat. Sorry, not to sound like a major fanboy but if there is another thing Guillermo del Toro has proven it is that he can make a VERY pretty picture. Just one example to prove my point (out of, well, all of his gorgeous movies) is that Pan’s Labyrinth won an Academy Award for Best Achievement in Cinematography, Best Achievement in Art Direction AND Best Achievement in Makeup. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this get an Oscar nod in one of these categories. Guillermo del Toro has said that this is the best set he has ever worked on, with everything being made specifically for this movie.

Crimson Peak Visual Treat

4. The script is going to be fantastic and frightening. Jessica Chastain has said that co-star Tom Hiddleston “had found the script incredibly frightening when he first read it.” Its also worth a mention that Guillermo del Toro worked tirelessly on the script writing 12 versions of Crimson Peak before they started filming. That’s a lot of writing!

Crimson Peak House

5. The movie will be original. In a time where our theaters are flooded with remakes and sequels, its sadly a rarity that we get something original. On the surface it may look like just another haunted house movie, but I assure you it won’t be. Crimson Peak will absolutely have secrets hidden behind all those closed doors.

Crimson Peak Poster

Crimson Peak comes out October 16th. Check out the trailer and let me know what you think!



So Moviepilot.com has a contest going and I am in the running!  That means, if you are reading it go and vote for me, you have until Friday!  Click here!

Anyway, here is the premise of the contest:  To put together a fantasy team of your favorite characters from any fandom to fight a threat that is facing our universe.  Check out the full description here.

Here is my fantasy team!

Dream Team Alice Jean Grey Dr. Manhattan Captain Janeway
Just enough, to bring chaos to order.

Team Captain: Kathryn Janeway

There is no other person in the Universe that can lead this unstoppable team other than the captain of the Star Trek Voyager herself, Kathryn Janeway. Janeway has not only proven that she can lead a team, but she can overcome any obstacle in her path. She’s cunning, determined, risky….and she can think like her enemy. Janeway will not only protect the people of Earth but she will lead our unstoppable team of misfits and give them just enough inspiration to bring chaos to order. Captain Janeway, we welcome you as our team leader!

First Round Pick: Alice Abernathy

Alice Resident Evil

Alice is my first round pick for two reasons. The first reason is that she will stop at nothing to fight evil and she has the powers to do just that. She has strength, agility and the power of the t-virus. She’s about to take down the Umbrella Corporation and she will take down any threat to humanity in the process. 

The second reason that I chose her is because she is a strong leader. She will not be afraid to stand up to Janeway if she feels that Janeway is not leading the team in the right direction. Both ladies have a trait in common…they don’t like to take orders. This trait is why Alice may be one of the only people that Janeway will accept criticism from. Together they can lead the team to beat any foe. 

Second Round Pick: Dr. Manhattan 

Doctor Manhattan

Doctor Manhattan can create force fields, alter his body size/strength and disintegrate matter. Basically, he will destroy anything and any one that stands in his way. He has one downfall though, and that downfall can weaken any team but this team. He is so powerful that he loses touch of humanity. This could be a problem however Janeway has just the right experience to handle this. While on Voyager, Janeway saved a Borg drone (Seven of Nine) and reintroduced her to humanity….not an easy task. Using these skills, Janeway can keep Doctor Manhattan in check and make sure that he is only using his immense power in her favor.  

Third Round Pick: Jean Grey 

Jean Grey

Jean Grey is beautiful and powerful. In fact, she may be just as powerful if not more than Doctor Manhattan. She has telekinesis, telepathy, astral projection, mind reading and control, memory alteration and erasure…she can kick some ass. However, like Doctor Manhattan Jean Grey can get a little….mad. If she turns into the Dark Phoenix my team would suffer. This is where Alice comes in. Alice, like Janeway to Manhattan, can help Jean hone in her powers and keep her on the right path. Alice has first hand experience with mind control and fighting to keep her sanity. Alice and Jean will work hand in hand to take down the evil forces. Also, if Doctor Manhattan stops listening Jean will put him in his place.

In summary….

Each member of my team has an exceptional strength and an exceptional weakness. BUT…the reason why they will win is that each strength counteracts the others weakness leaving the team in a powerful harmony. BRING. IT. ON!

What do you think of my team?