5 Essential Foreign Films for Any Horror Fan

I have been a Horror movie fan for my entire life, however it wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I started to discover foreign horror films. I still know a lot of people that (for whatever reason) automatically write off foreign films assuming that they will not be as good as an American film. Well, its quite the opposite actually. The most terrifying, creative and grotesque horror films that I have ever seen came from over seas. Here are 5 of those films that are essential for any horror fan to see.
5. Zombi 2 – Director Lucio Fulci – Italy

We were blessed with this Italian gem in 1979. When it was originally released it was highly suggested that the movie is a direct sequel to George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead (which was known as Zombi internationally). This of course brought the film a lot of attention, however this is not what captured my attention. For being in 1979 this movie has excellent makeup and special effects. I am one to truly appreciate the creativity and work that goes into using practical effects and camera angles to fool the viewers eye. There is one particular scene in this film that involves a close up of a sharp object an and eyeball that still makes me squirm. Also, without giving too much away…there may be a zombie vs. shark scene…and its awesome. Definitely recommended for my zombie movie fans out there!

4. The Devil’s Backbone – Director Guillermo del Toro – Spain

This film is set in Spain during the Spanish Civil War and is extremely moving as well as creepy. This movie is like Pan’s Labyrinth’s older…scarier brother. In a nut shell the movie is a ghost story, but like all great horror films there is so much more to the story that will give every viewer a roller coaster of emotions. This one is recommended for my horror fans that want to help solve a mystery and experience some deep emotion with our characters.

3. Dead Alive – Director Peter Jackson – New Zealand

I wrote another post about this film a few weeks ago, but couldn’t avoid putting it on this list. Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive is pure genius, and one of the goriest movies you will ever see. I honestly can’t think of any other movie in recent history that made me go AHHH! OH MY GOD! NO! EW! more than this movie. To prove my point, when the DVD was released (yes this was a while ago) it was accompanied with barf bags! Not. Kidding. This movie is all fun though. This is a horror movie for my fans that want to laugh and cringe at how over the top disgusting this movie can be. Also, you get to see what a raging zombie baby looks like!

2. Let the Right One In – Director Tomas Alfredson – Sweden

Let the Right One In is not to be confused with the American remake Let Me In. Although the remake is literally the same thing but in English, the original has something special. The performance of the bullied boy and the strange girl that he falls in love with is odd and touching at the same time. I really found myself caring for these kids and lets be honest, nothing is better than a good revenge story! This is one is perfect for my horror fans that love character development and build up.

1. The Loved Ones – Director Sean Byrne – Australia

The Loved Ones is one of my favorite foreign horror films for so many reasons. The characters are awesome, the actors are awesome, the story is awesome….the movie is just all around awesome. I laughed, screamed, cheered and cringed throughout the whole movie and loved every second of it. This is one of those films that will keep out doing itself just when you think it couldn’t get any better. Highly recommended for EVERY horror fan out there.