Top 5 Moments That Defined Carol as the Hero of The Walking Dead

The best part of The Walking Dead is that the characters are all complex and heroic in their own unique way. We have been lucky enough to watch the few survivors from the first season grow in strength and survive the most impossible of situations. However, whether the danger is human or walker, there is one person that has come the farthest since the beginning–Carol.

In the first season of The Walking Dead Carol was portrayed as weak, and honestly sometimes annoying. Being unaware of what her epic role was going to turn into I often wrote her off and was surprised when she wasn’t one of the people we witnessed being devoured. Well, its very apparent that this perception was completely wrong. Carol has become the hero of the series, but not the hero that you would expect or even the hero that you would want to be around. She has become the hero that is lurking in the shadows. The hero that isn’t afraid to make the heartbreaking decisions. The hero that can seem weak and vulnerable, then explode with fury and vengeance. Carol is the hero that is necessary in the world of The Walking Dead.

Here are the top 5 moments that defined Carol as the hero of The Walking Dead.

1. When Carol decided to put an end to Ed.

Carol The Walking Dead


It may be hard to remember what the characters were like way back in the first season, but if you remember Carol she was absolutely nothing like she is now. We were introduced to her character as the weak and very vulnerable wife of an abusive misogynist named Ed. Ed was not only a threat to Carol, but he was a threat to all of the women in the camp. Unknowingly, we got an early glimpse of what Carol was meant to become. Ed was bitten by a walker and just as Daryl was about to off him with an ax, Carol stops him. That’s when we first get our glimpse of the Carol we know as she stabs him over and over again, making sure that he can’t hurt her or her daughter again even in the afterlife.

2. When Carol decides to deal with the virus in the prison on her terms.

Carol The Walking Dead


We didn’t know that Carol was the one taking the sick and killing them off at first. but when we figured it out it all made sense. If there is anything more dangerous in a world ruled by the undead, its a virus. A common cold can turn for the worst, the flu can turn into the plague. This was something Carol noticed over everyone else. She knew that the group could not survive a deadly outbreak of any kind, and she took action. Carol didn’t just separate the sick, she stole them from the group and killed them. This may not sound like a heroic move, but it was a move that saved the group and a firm example of why Carol is the hero that they need. Without her they may have been able to hide from the walkers, but the sickness would have gotten them all.

3. When Carol asks Lizzie to look at the flowers.

Carol The Walking Dead


This may be the darkest moment in Carol’s history. It was very obvious that there was something wrong with Lizzie. She put herself in danger, her sister in danger and was a danger to the entire group. There is no one else in the group that could have made the decision that Carol made when she realized just how dangerous Lizzie was. After seeing Lizzie stab her little little sister in the neck, Carol knew that the time had come. She walked Lizzie out into the field, told her to look at the flowers and then shot her in the back of the head. A seemingly heartless, and dramatic move. But in the world of The Walking Dead you need someone to make those decisions.

4. When Carol executes the baddies at Terminus.

Carol The Walking Dead


I don’t know about you but watching our favorite characters get captured, tortured and almost executed at Terminus was gut wrenching. That was true until our new found hero Carol decided to disguise herself as a walker and wreak havoc on the sick inhabitants of this false safe house. This was the turning point for Carol. She was not only willing to do what she had to do, she was more than capable of doing what she had to do. Even our main character Rick was at the mercy of Carol at this point. She recognized what needed to be done and systematically took down the inhabitants of terminus. At this point, by all means, Carol is now our hero.

5. Carol as the happy home maker.

Carol in The Walking Dead


When Carol and the group run into Alexandria, Carol to our surprise hands over her gun. She pulls back her true self, puts on a facade and falls right into line as one of the new Stepford Wives of Alexandria. Now at this point we all know what Carol is capable of. We know she is willing to kill when necessary no matter who it is. We also know that she will kill anyone, no matter how close (or young), if the situation depends on it. Carol is calculating and merciless, especially when it comes to a kid that sees her stealing the gun (you know what I’m talking about). But when it comes to a band of blood thirsty bandits, they are no match for Carol. We watch the murderous group rampage through Alexandria, until Carol unleashes her fury. She disguises herself as one of the group and tears through town with machete and gun killing the evil and putting the terminally wounded out of their misery.

Do you consider Carol a hero?

Crimson Peak Review

Crimson Peak follows our protagonist Edith, an aspiring author in the late 19th century, who leaves the comfort of her privileged life in New York to an eerie house in England for her new found love.  In the beginning, Edith is attempting to publish a ghost story, but to her dismay is turned away many times because she is a woman and should be “writing a love story.”   Much like the story that we follow in Crimson Peak, she describes her novel as “a love story that just happens to have ghosts in it.”  And much like her story, the ghosts are real, and they have a dire warning for Edith…Beware of Crimson Peak.

Crimson Peak

My favorite part of the movie is that Guillermo del Toro builds a compelling story revolving around Crimson Peak.  We are thrown into a love story that is filled with mystery, murder and emotion.  Although this story revolves around love, there are some very graphic scenes.  One scene reminded me of one particular scene in Pan’s Labyrinth that involved a rabbit hunter and a wine bottle.  You know which scene I’m talking about.

Crimson Peak House

You will find yourself trying to solve the mystery of Crimson Peak the entire time, which allows you to lose yourself and really become engrossed in Edith’s quest for love and the truth behind the ghosts that have haunted her for nearly her entire life.

Crimson Peak Cast

What is the mystery behind Crimson Peak?  You’ll have to see it for yourself to find out.  And if you aren’t a horror fan, have no fear.  Crimson Peak is much more of a dark fairy tale, and this dark fairy tale is done beautifully.   The story is filled with technicolor specters and gorgeous costumes.  Go see it and let me know what you think!