Do you “Movie Test” the people you date?

I was thinking earlier about this thing that I do, called the “movie test.” I’m happily in a long term relationship right now, but when I was dating I would always give people this test to see if they would last with me. If movies are as important to you as they are to me, then you will completely understand where I am coming from. So here it is:

Facts about you: You are a movie geek. You are a hard core movie lover of whatever genre you love. You stalk movie blogs, movie news and you don’t miss an opening night. In fact, you have a full blown party for opening nights. You gather your fellow geeks and watch the first four movies in the franchise, then you can’t contain your nerd attack anymore and you all go watch the new movie. Best. Night. Ever.

Facts about the person you are dating: You know he, or she is cute. They are interested in you for whatever reason. They have a brother and they work in finance and they love to travel. bla.blabla. You know NOTHING about their movie tastes!

So this is what ends up happening. You’ve gone on a few dates and you can’t take it anymore. You have to put them to your movie test to see if you need to waste anymore time with this person or not. So you text them and you’re like “Hey, why don’t you just come here for a movie night instead of us going out tonight?” And YES. It has to be at your apartment because then you can control the lighting, the sound, etc. Going somewhere else for a movie is a wild card, no thanks. So he/she/they answer “Sure I’ll come over for a movie, you pick.”

SCORE!!! They let us pick. Game on mofucka. Game on. Little does this poor unfortuante soul know that the fate of their relationship with you is now in the hands of how they act and react to the movie binge you two are about to do.

Let the games commence.

This, for myself, has gone a few different ways.

1. The person has immediately declined the movies that I have picked. COUGH, waht!? Owww, my stomach hurts buddy sorry. Lets call it an early night and talk NEVER, BYE!

2. The person claims they have seen these movies a hundered times, but “loves them and wants to watch them anway.” I know this is an empty gesture but I let it play out. This one survives the night, but the relationship never lasts.

3. The person that has NEVER seen it but its SO excited to see the movie. I love this one’s enthusiasm. They get to see these movies for the first time, I can relish in their reactions to the outrageous movie I am showing them. A win for the evening. Also doesn’t last though usually.

4. The person is super silent when you show them the movie collection, and you get nervous. you sit there thinking, why aren’t they responding? Whats wrong!? They slowly make eye contact with you and are like, ARE YOU KIDDING THESE ARE MY FAVORITE MOVIES!!!!!! LETS BINGE WATCh THEM ALL, GO!!!. This ladies and gentlefolk is the keeper.

Can you guess what my franchises are my movie test? Yes I have two, and they must pass both. It is Resident Evil and Alien. ALL of them. That’s eleven movies in total lol. PHEW! You have your work cut out for you lol.

Do you do the movie test? What are your movies?

Lets Geek Out About Alien5 for a Moment

I’ve had the thought of an Alien 5 movie coming our way in the back of my mind for a few days now.  Just earlier today I was on the subway scrolling through the concept art thinking how awesome it would be to see Sigourney play Ripley again.  Each entry into the alien saga is so unique and much different in style, seeing how her character developed was always one of my favorite parts.   We get to see her develop from the lone survivor of the Nostromo to the heroine-mother figure, to damaged but determined to win no matter what, then back from the dead action star ready to take down anything in her way.   
The rumors are that Alien 5 is going to take place between Aliens and Alien 3 (or Ali3n, if you must).   Its obvious why these rumors are surfacing from the concept art that has been showing up lately.
This raises so many questions.  
My first question would be why between Aliens and Alien 3?  Why have this movie set between the second and third movie?  I speculate that this is because of the backlash toward killing off Hicks before the third act, and Newt too for that matter.   The bond that those three characters made in the third film could be explored more?  I can see how people were turned off from Alien 3 since it was a completely different direction than Aliens, however I like that each movie has a different tone.  Ripley faces a new challenge in each film and seeing her face the tragedy of their deaths, and facing “the beast” again on her own makes Alien 3 all the more interesting to me.  To be honest, I have only watched the director’s cut the last few times so I can’t recall what the theatrical release didn’t have, BUT dare I say I enjoy Alien3 more than Aliens?   I think it has more substance and even after watching it 100 times I discover something new or look at a scene in a different light.  
Why not have the movie fall after the last movie?  The ending of Alien Resurrection would be very easy to pick up and continue on earth or wherever they would be after the events that occured in that movie.  
My next question is how?  It has been almost THIRTY years since Aliens and almost 25 years since Alien 3.  I know technology can make the actors look younger, or the story can be maniuplated to make this work…but could it work?  
This leads into the question of how this will affect the story line?  We already know what has happened between Aliens and Alien 3.  An alien was onboard, it impregnated Ripley and caused a crash that killed Newt and Hicks….enter Alien 3.   Will this movie alter that and show that something else actually happened that Ripley couldn’t remember?  Will this movie completely alter the story line and disregard the third and fourth movie?  I think that is the only direction that would make me upset.  I really want this to work in the time line and how all of the events play out, all the way to the very end when she shoves the baby alien out of the window lol.  
Do I sound paranoid that they are going to change the story line of the Alien saga? Lol.  I am a bit paranoid I think!  But maybe the rumors are completely wrong and Alien 5 truly will be the 5th in line and the Hicks that we see in the concept art is just an android like Ash, Bishop, Call and David.  
Speaking of David.  Us Alien fans are getting a double treat (I think) with the production of Prometheus 2 (probably) happening at the same time!  I’m going to post about that soon.  Maybe later today lol. 

Alien 5, Stephen King’s IT AND X-Files? It feels like Christmas!

Wow.  What a day.  Every time I looked at my Tweets I found something new and amazing!  Two of my favorite franchises, and a terrifying movie from my childhood have new developments.  Resident Evil 6 the other day, now this today?!?  F***ing awesome. 

First up, Alien 5!

So, from the caption of Neil’s Instagram photo  it seems like he is having fun on the project: “#alien going very well. Love this project.”  We are loving it too Neil, we are loving it too.  I am surprised that the Alien 5 project is going on at the same time as Prometheus 2?  As much as I loved Prometheus, and am SO excited to write about and see how Prometheus 2 turns out, seeing the development of Alien 5 is so much cooler.  I think the ONLY thing that can get me more excited than Milla playing Alice again is Sigourney playing Ellen again. 

According to ScreenRant this is going to be a close continuation of Aliens, which happens to be the “fan favorite” entry of the franchise.  Aliens isn’t necessarily my favorite entry in the franchise, however I see why they would be going in this direction, and I can definitely see why this is the speculation.  We obviously have Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) on the left in that photo, and Hicks (Michael Biehn) in the middle.  I’m not sure how they would bring back Hicks, but they brought back Ellen so anything is possible.  I feel like I am going to have to write an entire separate post on this topic as I am only scratching the surface of this photo and what it could possibly mean.    Not to mention the fact that Neil Blomkamp is the director.  To be honest I have not seen Chappie but I LOVED District9 so I have complete faith that Neil can breath life into this franchise (with the help of Sigourney, of course).  Neil + Sigourney…Holy Shit. 

Next up is Stephen King’s IT.  

I mean honestly, if you were a kid at the time of IT, you were terrified of this face.  I can remember exactly when I saw IT (no pun intended) and how it felt. My “babysitter” (aka the senior in high school that watched me when I was like 9) came over after school and had this great idea to put on this movie he heard of.  Four hours later (its a long movie) I was hiding under a blanket crying and scared of sewers and shower drains.  Hell no.  Thanks for introducing anxiety into my life Tim Curry. 

Anyway, with that in mind I am looking forward to a new one.  I think it is going to be near impossible to replace Tim Curry as Pennywise, so they better be damn careful with who they choose.   With the news that Andy Muschietti may be at the helm I have faith in the remake.  

Last but sure as hell not least, The X-Files. 

All I got from that teaser is that Mulder looks older and Scully looks hotter than she did in the original series.  Just kidding.  Sort of.  
No but really.  I’m currently re-watching the original series in anticipation for the new season.  I haven’t learned much about it yet, but the Mulder and Scully dynamic can never get old to me.  Good to see them back in action.  
Aliens, Clowns and more Aliens, oh my! 

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is finally on its way

YAY! My first blog post.  And I can not be more thrilled to have the day I decided to write my first post coincide with the day Milla Jovovich decides to post a photo on Instagram from the new Resident Evil movie.  Check the image out below: 

“Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” was delayed while Milla gave birth to her second child.  Of course we couldn’t be too upset about the delay seeing how happy this made her, but I’m sure all her fans are geeking out seeing her prepared to take on the character of Alice one last time.  So exciting, yet so bitter sweet to know that this is probably the last time that I can stalk the production of a Resident Evil move starring Alice.  It has almost become a tradition of mine since I first heard the news that my favorite leading lady was starring in my my favorite video game-now-movie.  As much as I love the movies and many of the other characters (Carlos, JILL), we all know that Alice is the main reason we all keep coming back. If it weren’t for her I can not believe that the series would have lasted three entries let alone SIX.  

Speaking of the other characters, I’m so interested in seeing who is actually going to return and what their part will be.  Can they top the Alice and Jill battle in RE:5?  One can only hope.  The cast is looking good so far with IMDB listing a “rumored” return of Wentworth as Chris Redfield, Sienna as Jill Valentine, Spencer as K-Mart, Bingbing Li as Ada Wong, Shawn Roberts as Albert Wesker and Johann Urb as Leon Kennedy.   Let’s all hope that these key characters return for the final show down against the Red Queen.  I know the series has had its weaker entries (especially in the latter half), but I have a good feeling about the final chapter and am looking forward to learning some more official details.  

Were you as excited as I was to see Milla post this picture??  Are you excited to learn more about the final entry?