The 10 Best Holiday Horror Movie Kills

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ the house, not a creature was stirring, other than the serial killer in the house!

The holidays are a time for giving, relatives, and watching movies. Looking for some twisted holiday flick to watch with the family? Check out these kill scenes below for some inspiration. Here are the 10 best holiday horror movie kills, covering both Christmas and Thanksgiving:

1. ‘Gremlins’ – Death By Stair Lift

“Now I have another reason to hate Christmas.”

What I found so interesting about this poster is Michael’s mask. Almost entirely different, notice it has more human-like features, and they even gave him eyes (the American versions always have dark holes where the eyes should be). Also, take note about the blood. Gore might be a hallmark of the Halloween franchise, but not the original. There wasn’t even one drop of blood in the movie — so why add it in the poster?

Original Release Date: June 8th, 1984
Director: Joe Dante
Studio: Warner Bros., Amblin Entertainment
Stars: Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates

Gremlins is a classic horror movie filled with enough iconic and campy moments to make any best-of-holiday-horror list. With that said, though, there is one kill that is particularly funny and satisfying: Mrs. Deagle’s.

Throughout the entire movie we are subjected to this horrible woman, who does nothing but make the cute and lovable Billy Peltzer’s life more miserable. She’s easily much more menacing than any of the gremlins. But then the pain all pays off in one classic scene.

Mrs. Deagle hates Christmas carolers. (And when I say she hates them, she really, really hates them.) Upon hearing carolers outside of her door, she grabs a pitcher of freezing cold water, ready to soak all of the children. To her horror she opens the door to discover a group of nasty little green monsters singing to her and giggling in delight at her reaction. As she tries to escape upstairs in her stair lift, the machine is tampered with by a Gremlin and fires Mrs. Deagle up the stairs and out of the front window. Sorry, Mrs. Deagle! You won’t be missed.

2. ‘Santa’s Slay’ – The Exploding Heads

“I’m Santa Claus, not fuckin’ Dracula!”

Original Release Date: October 25th, 2005
Director: David Steiman
Studio: Media 8 Entertainment
Stars: Bill Goldberg, Douglas Smith, Emilie de Ravin

If you haven’t seen this one, then you are in for a treat! A silly, absurd treat, but a treat nonetheless. Santa’s Slay tells a story how Santa really isn’t as nice of a guy as you may think he is — in reality, he is nothing other than a demon that has lost a bet and had to be nice for 1,000 years. No big deal, right? Well that 1,000 year bet is over and Santa is ready to make up for lost time!

Witness some of his destruction as two children open some gifts on Christmas morning only to have their heads explode. Enjoy!

3. ‘Black Christmas’ – Couple Slain And Eaten

“Yeah, Merry Christmas, asshole.”

Original Release Date: December 25th, 2006
Director: Glen Morgan
Studio: Dimension Films
Stars: Michelle Trachtenberg, Katie Cassidy, Mary Elizabeth Winstead
This gory, over-the-top remake of the 1974 classic is full of holiday horror fun. And honestly, what is better than a holiday-themed horror movie that takes place in a sorority house? I can’t think of much!

In Black Christmas, an escaped mental patient decides that he wants to return home for the holidays, only to find that his home is now a sorority house. As you can imagine, he wasn’t very happy about this discovery…or was he? He slowly torments, tortures and kills the sorority sisters while they are trying to prepare for a party. Bummer! One of the best kills is when a couple not only gets murdered, but turned into Christmas dinner. Warning, graphic!

4. ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’ – Sled-Riding Decapitation

“Need a ride, Santa Claus?”

Original Release Date: November 9th, 1984
Director: Charles E. Sellier Jr.
Studio: TriStar Pictures
Stars: Lilyan Chauvin, Gilmer McCormick, Toni Nero

Silent Night, Deadly Night is your classic Christmas story: child sees parents murdered, grows up in an orphanage where he’s abused, and later turns into a crazed serial killer dressed as Santa Claus. Oh, did I mention what finally sets him over the edge is seeing two people have sex in the department store where he works as Santa?

One of the funnier kills in this movie is when two boys are sled riding through the woods, and one ends up decapitated somewhere on his way down the hill. The cheesiness of the whole scene is profound.

5. ‘Jack Frost’ – Death By Decorations

“…it ain’t fucking Frosty!”

Original Release Date: November 18th, 1997
Director: Michael Cooney
Studio: Frost Bite Films Ltd., Moonstone Entertainment
Stars: Scott MacDonald, Christopher Allport, Stephen Mendel

Jack Frost follows a simple story line: serial killer dies and comes back as a killer snowman. Pretty normal, right? Think Chucky, but a snowman instead of a doll. What says holiday fun more than being killed by Christmas decorations?

6. ‘Thankskilling’ – You Got Stuffed

“Gobble, Gobble, Motherfucker!”

Original Release Date: December 6th, 2008
Director: Jordan Downey
Studio: In Broad Daylight Films
Stars: Wanda Lust, Natasha Cordova, Lindsey Anderson

Thankskilling could quite possibly be one of the most absurd horror comedies that I have ever seen. I don’t know how much more insane you can get than a killer turkey with the mouth of Wade Wilson. When my friend and I got to the “you got stuffed” kill (click to watch — graphic content), we didn’t know if we should be offended, laugh, cry or all of the above. Our reaction was pretty much a combination of them all, plus an uneasy giggle with our hands over our mouth in shock. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

7. ‘Black Christmas’ – Agnes’s Death Scene

“The calls are coming from the house!”

Original Release Date: December 20th, 1974
Director: Bob Clark
Studio: Film Funding Ltd. of Canada, Vision IV
Stars: Olivia Hussey, Keir Dullea, Margot Kidder

You saw a gory scene from the remake above, but not much can compare to the classic, original Black Christmas. Out of horror’s most memorable scenes, there is nothing more creepy than watching and listening to the sheriff tell Barb that the “prank” calls that she was receiving are coming from inside of the house.

The remake and the classic follow the same storyline about a deranged killer knocking off sorority girls one by one. They share some of the same creepy scenes, but check out one of the classic kills below.

8. ‘Krampus’ – Jordan Gets Eaten

“Saint Nicholas is not coming this year.”

Original Release Date: December 4th, 2015
Director: Michael Dougherty
Studio: Legendary Entertainment, Universal Pictures
Stars: Adam Scott, Toni Collette, David Koechner

Krampus is a perfect balance of comedy and holiday-themed horror. During the film we follow a family that is being tortured and murdered by the evil Krampus. Little do they know at first that this beast was accidentally summoned by their own son, who was having a really bad Christmas.

What makes Krampus work is that the family is hilarious and relatable. As I said last year after watching the movie for the first time, think Christmas Vacation meets Home Alone. You are introduced to the “normal” upper-middle class family that has out-of-towners over for the holiday. Well, the out-of-towners are the mom, Sarah’s (Toni Colette) sister, brother-in-law and four kids, who show up in a Hummer that literally shakes the neighborhood and have brought their alcoholic Aunt Dorothy along as a surprise.

Unfortunately things don’t always stay so lighthearted, and one of the children gets eaten by an evil jack-in-the-box. Not exactly the best way to go!

9. ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night 2’ – Death By Umbrella

“You are being very, very naughty!”

Original Release Date: April 10th, 1987
Director: Lee Harry
Studio: Silent Night Releasing Corporation
Stars: Eric Freeman, James Newman, Elizabeth Kaitan

The second entry in the series of revenge offers more sadistic Santa holiday fun. This movie is basically a flashback of the first movie but showing more of Billy’s (the killer from the first movie) brother Ricky. Oh, Ricky is also insane and is telling the story while sitting in a mental hospital.

I will say that this kill scene kind of took me by surprise the first time that I came across it. Who would think that an umbrella could be so dangerous?

10. ‘Thanksgiving’ Trailer – ALL Death Scenes

“White meat, dark meet, all will be carved.”

Original Release Date: April 6th, 2007
Director: Eli Roth
Studio: Dimension Films
Stars: Not listed

The trailer for Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving may not be for a real movie (yet), however it is full of so much fun Thanksgiving mayhem that I had to include it on the list. As you’ll see in the full trailer below, there seems to be a killer Pilgrim plaguing a small town. Oh, and there are some amazing kill scenes throughout.